Breast Augmentation in Denver, CO

At Flourish Surgical Arts, we offer two types of breast augmentation – implants and fat transfer – to help our patients achieve their aesthetic goals and enjoy their lives to the fullest. This transformative cosmetic procedure is performed by our triple board-certified surgeon, Dr. John R. Nesiba. Breast augmentation boosts our patients’ self-esteem, addresses their physical concerns, and makes them feel more visually appealing and sensual. We are excited to assist each woman in making her dreams come true while prioritizing health and wellness. 

What Is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation, or augmentation mammoplasty, is a surgical procedure that aims to enhance breast size and fullness. This can be done by using saline or silicone implants or by transferring fat from another part of the patient’s body. The surgery also makes the breasts symmetrical and proportionate to the rest of the body. When performing breast augmentations, Dr. Nesiba uses the latest technology and offers the most effective treatments to satisfy each patient’s needs.

Types of Breast Augmentation 

At Flourish Surgical Arts in Denver, we offer two primary options for breast augmentation:

Breast Implants

Saline breast implants

consist of a silicone shell containing sterile salt water. They are filled after being placed inside a patient’s body. Saline implants give breasts a uniform shape, firmness, and feel. If they leak, the salt water solution is harmlessly absorbed by the body.

Silicone breast implants

are pre-filled with silicone gel, which feels like natural breast tissue. They are available in different sizes (100cc—800cc) and profiles (low, moderate, and high), so each patient can choose the one that suits their body and aesthetic preferences.

"Gummy bear" implants

are an innovation in cosmetic surgery. They are becoming increasingly popular due to their cohesiveness and “teardrop” shape, which resembles real breast tissue. Gummy bear implants are a good choice for women who want their breasts to feel firm and natural. They have the lowest risk of leaking.

Fat Transfer Augmentation

This option, also called autologous fat transfer, involves removing fat from another area of the patient’s body (like the abdomen, thighs, or flanks) via liposuction. After purification, it is injected into the breasts to increase their size. This technique is less invasive than augmentation with implants. In addition, fat makes breasts feel more natural compared to silicone and saline fillers. However, patients can gain only up to one cup size.
Each type of implant has advantages and shortcomings, and the choice depends on the individual’s goals, body type, and medical condition. During an initial breast augmentation consultation, Dr. Nesiba evaluates a patient’s condition to determine what type of surgery best suits them.

Breast Augmentation Procedure

Consultation and Preparation

During the initial appointment, our surgeon discusses the patient’s wishes, reviews their medical history, and gives advice based on his professional opinion. He also conducts a physical examination to ensure that the candidate is eligible for the procedure.

One of the most thrilling parts of getting ready for the surgery is what we call “the fitting.” This is when we use sizers — they’re like temporary implants patients can wear on the outside. We put them in a special bra so women can see how their new breasts will look. It is not just about cup size or breast shape but also how different options might suit their frame.

Laboratory and Instrumental Diagnostics

Before scheduling the surgery, breast augmentation patients need to undergo various diagnostic procedures to ensure that their health is sufficient. These tests include blood and urine samples, mammography, chest X-ray, and electrocardiogram. Patients also need an appointment with a general practitioner who can confirm their overall fitness for surgery. 


Breast augmentation with implants is the most popular cosmetic surgery in the United States. Each year, more than 300,000 women enhance their appearance through this operation. Thus, in this section, we will explore the typical procedure of breast augmentation with implants:


Anesthesia is an essential part of the surgery because it helps to ensure comfort and safety. Our patients receive general anesthesia, so they are completely asleep and pain-free during the operation.
A breast augmentation surgery usually takes 1-2 hours. The procedure starts by creating an incision. There are three possible types:

Dr. Nesiba considers the patient’s anatomy and goals when deciding on the surgical approach for breast augmentation. The inframammary incision is often preferred for ease of access and control; the periareolar incision can provide good concealment but may carry a higher risk of changes in nipple sensation; the transaxillary incision leaves no scars on the breast but can make implant placement more difficult. Ultimately, the surgeon discusses the options with the patient and chooses the approach that balances incision visibility, surgical precision, and individual preferences.

After making the incision, Dr. Nesiba forms a space in the breast tissue called a breast pocket. It can be created either under or over the pectoral muscle:

  • Subglandular Placement: Implants are positioned over the pectoral muscles but beneath breast glandular tissue. This method often produces more realistic results, particularly for women who already possess some breast tissue.
  • Submuscular Placement: In this case, the implant is placed underneath the chest muscle. This gives more coverage over the implant, which may be helpful for patients with little natural breast tissue.
After forming the pockets, the surgeon places implants in that space. Dr. Nesiba checks them to ensure that no creases or folds have occurred during insertion.

The incisions are carefully stitched up and covered with bandages. The sutures will be either absorbable (not requiring later removal) or non-absorbable (which should be taken out after a certain period of time). Sterile dressings and surgical tape are applied over the closed incisions to promote healing and minimize the risk of infection as the site recovers.

Add-On Procedure: Breast Lift

Many women choose to combine a breast lift with augmentation to achieve all of their goals in one procedure. A breast lift, also known as mastopexy, raises and firms the breasts by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue to support the new contour. When combined with breast augmentation, mastopexy can improve the breast shape and projection. For women with asymmetry, these two procedures allow the surgeon to optimize and match the size and contour of both breasts.

Recovery After
Breast Augmentation 

Immediate Post-Operative Care

The healing process starts in our specialized recovery room. Each person is carefully monitored for the first few hours after their operation. Our team makes sure that patients are in good enough condition to leave (once they have woken up fully from the anesthetic). We also provide clear guidelines on incision care and pain relief if required. Each patient is informed about how to speed up the recovery process and make it as comfortable as possible.

The initial seven days following breast enlargement are crucial for proper healing. Patients are instructed to take it easy and avoid demanding physical activities. Mild to moderate pain, as well as swelling and bruising, are expected and can be treated with the medication we prescribe. Besides, patients have to wear a special surgical bra for extra support. Keeping the areas where incisions were made clean and dry is vital to minimize any risk of infection.

Post-operative appointments at Flourish Surgical Arts are made during the initial week following surgery to check on progress. During these visits, incisions are examined, implant positioning is confirmed, and patients can discuss any questions they are interested in. Further check-ups can be scheduled, if necessary, to support the recovery process.
For the next few weeks, patients can slowly return to their regular routines. They should try not to do any hard exercise or heavy lifting for at least 1.5 months. The final results will be visible within a year after the surgery.

Candidates for a Breast Augmentation

A breast augmentation might be beneficial in the following situations:

Each surgical intervention has its own specifics, which is why our breast augmentation surgeon personalizes each treatment plan and considers the patient’s unique needs and goals.

Benefits of a Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation provides many benefits for women, such as body rejuvenation and improved self-image. Here are four main advantages:

Volume Restoration

Volume restoration is a key benefit that many women seek from breast augmentation procedures. Due to different factors, breasts may lose their fullness, especially at older age. This loss of volume can cause a wide range of negative feelings and insecurities. However, breast augmentation offers a way to restore that fullness and make our patients happy. Many women find that this surgery made them feel more comfortable in their own bodies.
Some patients seek breast augmentation because they are unhappy with the asymmetry or unevenness of their breasts. This condition can make them feel self-conscious and anxious. Breast augmentation is an effective solution to this problem. Implants may be sized specifically to match each breast and create a more balanced look. When breasts are in better proportion, clothes and swimsuits fit and look better. This creates an uplifting effect and makes our patients happier.
Increased confidence is a major advantage that many women experience after breast augmentation. Having breasts that match their desired size and shape can greatly boost self-esteem and body image. Besides enjoying a better look in the mirror, they can also see improvements in their professional and personal lives. Increased confidence helps our patients achieve career goals and find romantic partners.
Versatility is another key benefit of breast augmentation at Flourish Surgical Arts. We offer a wide range of implant sizes to suit different women’s goals and preferences. Whether a patient wants a modest increase or a more dramatic transformation, we can accommodate their personal vision. Our extensive implant options allow women to achieve natural-looking results tailored to their bodies and desires.
After breast augmentation, many women become more satisfied with their intimate life. Feeling more confident and comfortable in their bodies leads to increased enjoyment in sexual relationships. The enhanced self-image and new physical appearance can contribute to a greater sense of sensuality and intimacy. In this way, our patients improve their sexual well-being and fulfillment.

Cost of Breast Augmentation in Denver

Breast augmentation cost in Denver ranges from $5,000 to $10,000. This includes not only the surgeon’s fee but also anesthesia, operating facility charges, and follow-up care. The final price depends on whether patients select silicone, gummy bear, or saline implants (or fat transfer augmentation), how complex their surgery will be, and the doctor’s experience. There could be extra fees on top of the base price for appointments prior to the operation and tests, such as X-rays or mammograms.

During the initial consultation, Dr. Nesiba provides an accurate cost estimate for each patient. We offer a wide range of options to make this surgery more affordable. For instance, our friendly specialists help patients receive financing from CareCaredit and United Medical Credit so they can pay for their breast augmentation in parts. We also offer different payment methods to make sure that the entire process is as convenient as possible.

What Makes Flourish Surgical Arts the Best Place for Breast Augmentations in Denver?

At Flourish Surgical Arts, we pride ourselves on delivering excellent breast enhancement services. Our board-certified surgeon, Dr. Nesiba, uses cutting-edge techniques to help women achieve their aesthetic goals. With a wealth of experience in cosmetic surgery, he makes sure that each breast augmentation procedure is totally safe and effective. We support every patient on their journey of body transformation and help them realize their vision of beauty.

Ready to Enhance
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Ready to Enhance
Your Natural Beauty?