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At Flourish Surgical Arts in Denver, we provide advanced tummy tuck procedures to help individuals attain a firmer, more defined abdominal profile. Aging, weight fluctuations, and pregnancy can all contribute to loose skin and weakened stomach muscles over time. However, modern cosmetic surgery techniques can address these issues and help get a tighter, rejuvenated abdomen look. With more than 1,000 successful cosmetic surgeries completed, our highly skilled triple board-certified surgeon, Dr. John R. Nesiba, is known for achieving outstanding outcomes. Using state-of-the-art methods, we are dedicated to providing individualized care so that every patient can achieve their desired look.

What Is A Tummy Tuck?

A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is surgery that removes excess fat and skin from the abdomen and tightens the underlying muscles. While performing this operation, Dr. Nesiba removes excess skin with great attention to detail. He uses sutures to repair abdominal muscles that may have become weak or separated. Then, he repositions the remaining tissue for an abdomen that appears both sleeker and tighter. The surgery generally necessitates a horizontal incision just above the pubic area. This placement enables maximum skin tightening and muscle mending.
An abdominoplasty aims to improve self-esteem and body confidence by creating a firmer, more youthful-looking abdomen. Apart from its cosmetic benefits, the procedure can also positively impact core strength and posture. A tummy tuck surgery does not have much impact on a person’s weight. Its main purpose is to shape the abdominal wall. So, patients may choose to combine it with other procedures, such as liposuction, facial plastic surgery, breast augmentation, and so on.

Tummy Tuck Types

At Flourish Surgical Arts, we provide a range of tummy tuck procedures designed to suit our patient’s unique needs and goals. The techniques we offer involve different levels of tissue removal, surgical approaches, and incision methods. Dr. Nesiba recommends which type is best for the patients after considering their individual characteristics. We offer:

Complete Abdominoplasty or a Traditional Tummy Tuck

Traditional tummy tuck procedure involves making a horizontal incision across the lower belly, slightly above the pubic area. Dr. Nesiba chooses the incision length based on how much extra skin needs to be removed. Then, he tightens the belly muscles and removes excess skin and fat to make the belly flatter and firmer. This method works well for people who have lots of loose skin and muscle separation.

Partial Abdominoplasty or a Mini Tummy Tuck

If patients have some excess skin and fat that mainly bothers them below the belly button, a mini tummy tuck could be an option. Our surgeon uses a shorter incision, usually between the belly button and the lower abdomen. Unlike a full tummy tuck, which involves repositioning the belly button, mini tummy tucks are a less extensive surgical procedure that might be right for people who need only minor contouring and tightening in the lower abdominal area.

Circumferential Abdominoplasty or an Extended Tummy Tuck

This innovative tummy tuck technique targets the entire midsection: abdomen, love handles, and hips. Dr. Nesiba makes a longer incision that wraps around the front and back of a body. This surgery is perfect for patients who have lost a lot of weight and require extensive contouring to eliminate surplus skin and fat from all around. Circumferential abdominoplasty offers a complete reshaping of the midsection, improving body proportion overall.

Fleur-de-Lis Tummy Tuck

If a patient has lost over 100 pounds (or 45 kilograms), Dr. Nesiba offers a fleur-de-lis tummy tuck. This operation entails making both vertical and horizontal incisions in the abdominal area, resulting in a “T” shape cut. With the dual incisions, our surgeon can take out lots of extra skin and tighten the underlying tissues more effectively. This is especially helpful for people with extensive skin laxity in both horizontal and vertical dimensions.

Tummy Tuck Procedure 

Initial Consultation and Testing

In the initial consultation, Dr. Nesiba assesses the patient to decide which kind of tummy tuck will work best and what type of anesthesia is needed. This evaluation includes a review of the patient’s overall health, medical history, any previous surgeries, and current medications or supplements. Dr. Nesiba also talks with the patient about what they hope to achieve with surgery and their expectations.

Next, the patient will get a comprehensive examination to check for any medical problems. Dr. Nesiba may ask for several tests, such as blood work or an EKG, to make sure it is safe to have surgery. Patients also get nutrition guidelines so they can eat well and recover better. Some contraindications for a tummy tuck may include:

The Surgery

Marking and Anesthesia:
On the day of the surgery, Dr. Nesiba prepares for the procedure by indicating where incisions will be made on the abdomen. To keep the patient unconscious and free from discomfort during the operation, an anesthesiologist uses general anesthesia.
Incisions and Adjustment:
The steps of a tummy tuck can differ depending on the technique used. In general, Dr. Nesiba makes an incision in the abdomen, usually between the pubic line and the belly button. Then, he tightens abdominal muscles, removes any extra fat or skin, and repositions the belly button if necessary
Closing the Incisions:
Once the desired shape has been achieved and any excess tissue removed, Dr. Nesiba closes the incisions using stitches. He may also place drainage to prevent fluid buildup under the skin for a few days afterward. The whole operation can take anywhere from one to five hours.

Add-On Procedure: Liposuction

When getting a tummy tuck, some patients also decide to have liposuction. By including liposuction, patients can eliminate fat deposits from specific areas, improve their overall appearance, and achieve more proportional results. For example, removing fat via liposuction from the flanks (love handles) and hips when performing an abdominoplasty can significantly enhance the outcome of surgery on its own. Using both of these methods together gives a better overall result and can make the tummy area and nearby parts look even better by themselves.

Tummy Tuck Recovery

Immediate Recovery

Right after having a tummy tuck, patients might feel disoriented and exhausted as the anesthesia fades away. Some patients might feel pain. In this case, Dr. Nesiba recommends safe pain relievers to manage discomfort. Patients are also given detailed instructions on positions to sit or lie to reduce discomfort and facilitate healing. Because the anesthesia may linger in their system, it is vital to have somebody there to drive them home and help out for the first day while they recover.
In the first few weeks after surgery, it is essential to avoid overdoing physical activity. Patients should check with Dr. Nesiba before resuming any severe activities. They can move around gently by walking but not by running or picking up heavy things. Besides, it is crucial to follow the doctor’s instructions after surgery to ensure they heal well and don’t have any side effects. These might include wearing tight clothes to help with healing or returning for checkups.
After one week, the bandages are removed so that our surgeon can assess the results and take away the stitches. The patient is allowed to do some gentle exercise and may slowly return to normal activities. Continuing to sleep with an elevated head helps reduce symptoms more quickly.

Candidates For A Tummy Tuck

This surgery is for patients with excess abdominal skin and weakened or separated abdominal muscles due to major weight loss or pregnancy. They should be overall healthy and have realistic expectations about what the procedure can accomplish. Here are some key points that would make someone a suitable patient for a tummy tuck:

Benefits of Tummy Tuck Surgery

The advantages of tummy tuck surgery go beyond simply looking good. They can also enhance how well a patient’s abdominal muscles work. Here are some key benefits:

Improved Abdominal Contour

The procedure removes excess skin and fat, resulting in a flatter, more toned stomach area.
 Abdominoplasty also tightens up any weak or separated abdominal muscles patients may have. Thiscan give them better core strength and even improve their posture.
By having a smoother, firmer tummy, abdominoplasty could make patients feel more self-confident and happy.
A tummy tuck can remove or significantly reduce the visibility of stretch marks, especially ones below the belly button.
Patients frequently report that clothes feel more comfortable and look better with a flatter belly.
A healthy regimen along with abdominoplasty may equal long-term results and satisfaction.
 Removing excess skin can alleviate chafing and irritation, leading to greater physical comfort.

Cost of a Tummy Tuck in Denver 

The average cost of a tummy tuck in Denver, CO, ranges between $7,000 and $20,000. This cost covers all expenses related to the procedure, including the surgeon’s payment, anesthesia services, use of the operating room, and any necessary supplies or post-operative care. The final cost of a tummy tuck can vary based on factors such as how extensive the procedure is and whether any other treatments, like liposuction or muscle repair, are included. To get an individualized quote based on specific desires and requirements, patients can book a consultation with Dr. Nesiba.

Flourish Surgical Arts Is the Best Destination for a Tummy Tuck in Denver

At Flourish Surgical Arts, we take pride in offering the highest level of care to patients who are considering a tummy tuck. Our highly trained professionals are committed to ensuring patients’ safety and satisfaction throughout their time with us. With our advanced methods and cutting-edge facility, we can guarantee that all our patients who undergo tummy tucks will get the desired results. We aim to assist everyone along their body rejuvenation journey, ensuring they feel confident and content with their improved abdominal appearance. Count on Flourish Surgical Arts for exceptional service and amazing outcomes.

Ready to Enhance
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Ready to Enhance
Your Natural Beauty?